Automotive Industry Solutions

Pegasus SCS is a leader in supplying time-critical transport services to the automotive industry.

We understand that the potential supply chain interruption in the automotive industry is always a threat, and can come in all forms from natural disaster to through to sudden consumer demand, it is important to have the services of a freight forwarding partner that understands your business, and can provide you with the service and support that you require.

We protect our clients’ brand by ensuring that our teams and partners act with utmost care and attention to detail, when expediting shipments. With carefully chosen partners we can service the Automotive industry from origin to destination by choosing the most economical and cost-effective routings.

Pegasus SCS's unrivalled service helps prevent downtime in the automotive supply chain. Shipments are monitored and actioned by a dedicated member of our team, constant communication is maximised to ensure that the customer is aware of the status of each shipment throughout transit.