The Story of Pegasus

In 1996, British entrepreneur, James Gray-Cheape, worked with several courier companies in the United Kingdom and Czech Republic to learn about the industry. Having gained the experience, he returned to Bucharest in 1997 and founded Pegasus Courier Srl. After buying a delivery van and some mountain bikes he recruited his first 5 couriers from the Casa de Copii (Foster home) Nr. 7 in Bucharest. He appointed Lucian Aldescu, who shared his vision, as General Manager.


By 1999, the business had gained traction and Pegasus Courier Srl. was selected as the exclusive agent for Airborne Express (formerly the 3rd largest courier company in the USA). The partnership with Airborne Express enabled Pegasus’s clients to ship parcels and forward their freight internationally. The freight forwarding and customs formalities of Pegasus Courier Srl. were handled by Doru and Andreea Ivan who had established their customs clearance business, AirSol Srl., in 1997.

In 2000 Pegasus Courier Srl. established its domestic transportation network and by 2002 it had obtained complete geographical coverage of Romania and significant penetration in both the domestic and international CEP (Courier Express Parcel) markets .


In 2006 it was agreed to establish Pegasus SCS (Supply-chain Solutions) Srl. which would handle all of Pegasus’s 3rd party logistics and freight forwarding activities. This in turn allowed Pegasus Courier Srl. to focus on its CEP business.

In 2008, Pegasus Courier Srl., the dedicated CEP business, was acquired by the French Post Office - La Poste (owner of the DPD brand) and in 2011 Pegasus Courier Srl. was rebranded to DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) Romania. Pegasus SCS (Supply-chain Solutions) Srl. was not part of this acquisition.

Dynamic Parcel Distribution

Pegasus SCS (Supply-chain Solutions) Srl. continues to develop the company’s offering of 3rd Party Logistics, Air, Road and Sea Freight forwarding to its extensive portfolio. These services have remained the focus of Pegasus SCS (Supply-chain Solutions) Srl.

Pegasus SCS (Supply-chain Solutions) Srl Pegasus SCS (Supply-chain Solutions) Srl

Following the many years that Pegasus has served the Romanian and International transport market the brand has become synonymous with overriding professionalism and client satisfaction.

In 2017 Pegasus SCS (Supply-chain Solutions)Srl. celebrated “20 years of Pegasus” to mark this historic occasion!